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Mike Benson, (Grand Rapids, MI) after completing the Level 1 Basic Instructor Course:


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Aaron Beard, (Grand Rapids, MI) after completing the Level 1 Basic Instructor Course:




Jeremy Wiersma, (of Grand Rapids, MI) after completing Level 1 Basic Instructor Certification:





John Kowalski, the Global Marking Director for X-Rite Corporation, traveled all the way from Portland, Maine to complete the Level 1 Basic Instructor Certification Course:


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Stephanie DiCarmine (of Grand Rapids, MI), after completing the Level 1 Basic Instructor Certification Course:





Dear Craig,
I attended your presentation yesterday at the West Michigan Counseling Association Conference. I want to thank you for reminding me that I love what I do!  It has been one of those years where the challenges feel like they outweigh the rewards. Your words, your energy, and most of all the stories connected with me in a way that was way more needed than I realized!
If you ever need some inspiration or a reminder, I owe you one!
Roxane McCarron -Guidance Counselor
Grandville Middle School, Michigan, USA


"Thank you very much for the training session. I have noticed that my staff has a new sense of confidence that has really helped in dealing with the issues that have arisen. I will definitely suggest this to the other General Managers and Owners in the industry"

 Thanks Again,

~Brian Alicki-Director of Corporate Security
  Gilmore Collection Restaurants


Hi Craig,

I wanted you to know how impressed I was with you and your presentation.  The fact that you spent extra time and were very sensitive to the lady that had been assaulted was exactly what she needed. You also addressed some important issues for the teenagers.  They will never forget this experience.
I am a retired public school teacher/counselor after 38 years on the front line of education.  All my antennas were on alert with the needs of our small class.  You did a wonderful job and I will highly recommend you to others.
I admire your skills and wish you much success on your mission.

Thank You!
  Grand Rapids, MI
 "It is an honor to have someone of Mr. Gray's expertise and knowledge participation in our program. He was the first and only person I had in mind to provide these young ladies with basic self-defense and personal safety training."

~Franklin Fudial - Owner of the Muskegon Tribune Newspaper


"Thank YOU for the invaluable information and tactics. It really put things into perspective for me... the whole security staff felt like a cohesive team... there was a new breath of excitement, confidence and camaraderie between us all."

Very appreciatively,

~ Jason Ley, Crush General Manager - The B.O.B


The B.A.R.C.S. continuum for conflict management from Craig's peacewalker series DOES work even if your "conflict" is simply good customer service. Thanks Craig!

~Rebekah Meyer - Owner of Rebekah Rosa Handbag Co.


I used BARCCS twice on my daughters last week:
    -it only took until after oreo cookie for the 5 yr. old to comply (Choices).
    -it only took until after reason for the 2 oldest to comply.
    - but boy did I feel empowered!  It really helped me emotionally separate by using the BARCCS tools!  Very rational instead of emotional!  :)
~ Jennifer Franson - Parent & Supermom


“Craig provides a much-needed service, and brings both expertise and sensitivity to the seminars and classes he teaches... I really appreciated his work. My daughters and I really benefited from his class.”

~John Williams

Grand Rapids, MI


“I would Recommend this course to other groups. We found it to be fun, informative and memorable. The girls have relied on the techniques and awareness learned in the course.”

~Becky Vetter, Leader Troop 61  

  Girl Scouts of America


Thank you for your dedication and commitment to making the world a better place!  It was so evident that you love what you do and we appreciate you sharing that passion with us.  My daughter and I really benefited from your class.  As you said, awareness is such a huge first step in creating a safer world. You raised our awareness of potential dangerous situations, and empowered us with skills to prevent and/or handle these situations effectively.

On a personal note, it brought to the surface wounds from my past, and enabled me to share them in a helpful way with my daughter- and my teenage son.  It opened a dialogue that was so crucial for me to have with my teenagers preparing to head out into the world.  So, your efforts have helped in a very personal way, and for that I thank you deeply.  

Thank you,
Kristin Ferro


"Craig, the students really enjoyed your class, they are still talking about it!"

 ~Jo Ann D.                                                        

Creston Christian Schools


 “Craig is an absolute expert in all areas which makes him extremely effective in training. He has the vast experience in all types of martial arts as well as an extensive background in the philosophies behind the training he provides. His personality and teaching style offers a highly professional and safe environment. I would highly recommend training with Craig.”

~John Kowalski, Global Marketing Director 

  xrite Inc.


“Craig’s soft spoken, non-threatening personality combined with his years of martial arts experience has made him a world class instructor.  Craig is a person of strong character and integrity."

~Michael LaFeldt, President

Digital Forensic Worldwide

A Professional Investigations Company


"I found it (class) to be very beneficial and I also have more peace of mind now that I have a "slight edge" in the stresses of everyday life as well as in the event of an actual confrontation."        

~Diana H.