The PeaceWalker Project






Level 1 - The Pathfinder


 Level 2 - The Trailblazer


   Level 3 - The Trail Master









There are three User Certification levels & three Coaching Certification levels to the PeaceWalker Project, both utilizing an interactive & unique Teaching Approach.



How this Program Can Benefit You




Level 1- The Pathfinder

~ How to View Conflict as an Opportunity.

~ Better Manage Conflict (Internally & Externally).

~ Set the Pace & Eliminate Conflict Before It's Even An Issue!

~ How to Make Sure You Are Not Part of the Problem During Conflict.

~ Understand How to Set Clear Boundaries That Others Will Respect. 

~ Verbal Communication Skills to Inspire Respect & Cooperation.

~ How to Make Adversaries into Allies!

~ Learn to Keep your Cool Under Pressure.

~ Physical Positioning & Movement Skills.

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Level 2 - The Trailblazer

~ Developing a Deeper Understanding of the PeaceWalker Tools.

~ Managing Group Conflicts (Emotional, Verbal, Physical).

~ Understanding how Violence is Justified internally and externally.

~ Discover your conflict management style & how to optimize your effectiveness.

~ Uncover a deeper understanding of managing conflict.

~ Verbal Communication Skills Regarding Group Dynamics.

~ Physical Positioning & Movement in Groups.

~ Group Leadership.


Level 3 - The Trail Master

~ A Greater Understanding of the PeaceWalker Perspective and Methods.

~ PeaceWalker Mentoring & Leadership Training.

~ Understanding the Deeper Levels of Conflict & Methods of Resolution.

~ The Protector / Defender Approach to Life and Leadership.

~ How to Inspire Respect & Shift Drama to Empowerment.

~ Understand How We Can Change Unhealthy Habits and Emotions. 

~ Learn How to Control an Engagement Creating a Safe, Inspiring Environment.

~ How to Lead through Inspiration. 

~ 3rd Party Protection & Ground Recovery.


Coach & User Levels:

Each of the PeaceWalker Programs has a User Certification and a Practitioner Certification Level.

  • User Certification Programs (1 - 3) Three - 8 hour days. The course includes a workbook for the participant to take notes.
  • Coaching Certification  The course includes: Professional training, course workbook, a copy of the entire level 1 PeaceWalker powerpoint presentation, a three year certification to share the course to people within your organization, reduced cost on refresher courses to PeaceWalker Programs of same level* when offered elsewhere, (open to same participant only, preregistration required, new materials not included), access to leadership and teaching tips, on-line membership to forums (when available), resources and support (some are free access others can be accessed at an additional cost). Consideration for our basic instructor program. *Contact us for availability, cost and scheduling.
*Open to the same participant who originally certified in same level course only. Each PeaceWalker Course will have a limited number of refresher spots available to accommodate returning students, so preregistration is required on a first come first serve bases. New course materials are not included in the refresher course.